Lorne Vincent – Sweet Love Departed (2020)

If you are looking for a single that is an undeniable mood, ‘Sweet Love Departed’ by Lorne Vincent is actually what you have been searching for. The well-orchestrated electronic pop track uses dynamic layers and haunting grooves to lead you through themes of loss and loneliness. While these are the central themes of the song, listeners are able to pull their own meaning from the music.

Drawing on the influences of James Blake and Boo Seeka, Vincent uses dense layering for an emotional and atmospheric soundscape. Produced with legendary producer Nathan Grant, the track is a great sequel to Vincent’s debut ‘Couldn’t Stay’. If the music itself does not have you feeling the emotions of the track, the accompanying music video might help.

‘Sweet Love Departed’ opens with Vincent’s smooth timbre. His voice is full of emotion as he wraps an atmospheric vibe around you. His vocals are an anchor you can hang onto as the dynamic melodic layers wash over you. There is a wonderful depth to his performance that drives the emotions of the track into your chest. The single really showcases his vocal abilities as he moves from a smooth deep timbre to higher levels while maintaining pace with the textured melody.

The melody resting below and washing over the vocals is a thing of beauty. The delicate opening lines are silky as they weave between the clapping tones that come in. The piano line and strings add a rich lushness to the melody while the synths lightly pulse against the vocals. The music slides and explodes for the chorus to complement the vocals and keep you hooked.

The official music video opens like an old movie reel coming to life on a screen. There is a vintage vibe to the music video as the lyrics appear in retro video game style. This creates an interesting contrast with the haunting tones of the music. The glitchy moments in the video match perfectly with the melodic movement of the track. A relatively simple music video, it is unbelievably effective and keeps you watching while hitting you with the emotions of the track.

Lorne Vincent keeps you hooked while working through themes of loss and loneliness with ‘Sweet Love Departed’. His vocals are smooth and steady as the melody washes over you. The build-up within the song is artfully executed and leaves you feeling satisfied when the track ends. The official music video uses a retro style that enhances the single while keeping you glued to the screen.

Find out more about Lorne Vincent on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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