Elliott Jones – Light A Match (2020)

We all have ideas and thoughts that we are nervous to share with others for a variety of reasons. If you need a boost to help you share these thoughts and ideas, Elliott Jones is here for you with ‘Light a Match’. The single is all about having confidence in your own voice and ideas. Through his powerful soundscape, he gives you the boost you might need.

While Jones has played in bands for many years, his first solo release was in March 2020. Working with Jack Wrench (drums), he recorded and mixed this single in his home studio. If you are looking for a confidence boost that lets you know your ideas are valid and should be heard, this is the song for you.

‘Light a Match’ hits you with a leading guitar line that draws you into the indie-rock beats of the track. There is a lazy feeling to the music that lets you rest back on the melody while still keeping you fully engaged. On the chorus, there are these almost haunting notes that warble in the background adding a sense of consciousness to the music. As the track progresses, it pulses with Brit-rock energy with a modern edge.

When Jones’ vocals enter, they introduce that Brit-rock tone mixing it with a laid-back delivery. As the melody picks up pace, his vocals rally to match. The power of his performance is in his ability to effortlessly move from an easy tone to a pounding anthemic boost. The chorus is where you get the biggest boost, but this drops for a floating vocal line that has you rising and falling with the music.

Elliott Jones offers a confidence boost with ‘Light a Match’ as he lets you know your ideas and thoughts are valid. The melody offers a touch of Brit-rock on the pumping chorus before dropping for a more laid-back verse. Jones’ vocals match the melodic movement with an amazing amount of power and control while drawing you into the lyrics and emotional boost of the track.

Find out more about Elliott Jones on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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