Lost Club – Breakfast Club (2020)

Lost Club is hitting you with the nostalgia stick that is their new single ‘Breakfast Club’. Full of a longing for a time and place that no longer exists, the single hits a different emotion point to his last. While both deal with longing, the electronic layering of this track flings you back to a place you once knew.

The nostalgia bomb comes from the man behind the moniker, Nick Garcia. While he has written and performed with multiple bands in his hometown, his desire to express himself led to the creation of Lost Club. His voice and vision lend themselves to the soft waves of longing, nostalgia and timeless production that marks this release.

The nostalgic vibes hit you from the very first moment of ‘Breakfast Club’ with these 80s synth tones. The jangling synths are like a blast from the past. The lighter synth notes softly rest behind the electronic drums that form the steady base of the track. The electronic tones rise and fall to hit you with waves of longing and nostalgia for those Saturdays spent listening to the radio.

It is not only the melody that sends you back in time. Garcia’s electronically singed vocals complete the 80s feeling of the track. The lyrics bolster the longing by highlighting a somewhat simpler time. The production of this song is amazing and you would think that it comes from a bygone era.

Lost Club leaves you feeling nostalgic and longing for a time long gone with the 80s drenched ‘Breakfast Club’. The track brings back all the hallmarks of 80s pop from synths to echoing vocals. Nick Garcia’s performance is also steeped in yearning as it lightly grasps you and drags you back in time.

Find out more about Lost Club on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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