Lousy Advice – Lousy Advice (2020)

Are you looking for a few tracks that blend the fervour of teenage angst with unbridled optimism? If you are, Lousy Advice’s self-titled debut EP Lousy Advice is just what you need. The four-track EP is a teen movie soundtrack full of honesty and that quintessential teenage experience of trying to figure life out.

The soundtrack vibe of the EP was one of the driving factors that got the band together. Shelby Murray (vocals, guitar), Eric La Febre (drums) and Jake DeSersa (bass) came together as Lousy Advice through a communal nostalgia for movie soundtracks and heartbreak. This has resulted in a heartfelt, emotional and honest EP.

The EP starts with ‘Light’ which charts the feeling of seeing your path before you and knowing that you are going to hit some roadblocks. You are drawn into the song by Murray’s vocals from the first moment. The melody is catchy and you are easily drawn into it. However, the overall vibe of the track has this darkness to it. There is a sense of commitment, but also this feeling that things could easily go very wrong. It is a wonderful way of opening the EP and setting the tone for it.

‘CoPilot’ has an upbeat vibe that hits you from the first moment. Murray’s vocals have this wonderful pop-punk quality to them which complements the melody. Through the cheer of the melody, there is a thread of melancholy which shines in the vocals. While a catchy alt-pop track, there is something deeper lurking around waiting for you to feel it.

‘Enjoy It While You Can’ is a song that comes right out of a teen movie and you can easily imagine it as part of a soundtrack. There is an infectious vibe to the melody that gets you moving to it. Murray’s vocals have this honest storytelling quality on this song as she takes you through the story of life. This track really throws you back to those 90s teen movies and douses you in a thick layer of nostalgia.

The EP ends with ‘It’s Alright’ which hooks you with the drums in the opening. There is a darker vibe to the opening of this song compared to the rest of the EP. The vocals also have this edge to them at the start, but this evaporates a bit for the chorus. There is a great reflective vibe to this song infused with a strange sense of positivity. Through this track, you are told that the mistakes you make are part of life and that you are going to be okay.

Lousy Advice hits you with a wave of nostalgia with their self-titled debut EP full of teen movie soundtrack songs. There is a youthful sense to all of the tracks mixed with a reflective vibe and feeling of positivity. The honest style of the music makes it easy to connect and you are left having a really great time.

Find out more about Lousy Advice on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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