Love Ghost – Fade Away (Shave My Head) (2021)

Getting back to their grunge roots, Love Ghost explores mental health through their single ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’. Through the emotional lyrics, the band touches on the constant urge many people have to change something in order to feel better. A different take to many singles about mental health, it looks at behaviours that many people face whether they realise it or not.

While their music generally rests between ethereal grunge and lo-fi hip-hop, there is a grittier feeling to this song. This is further showcased in the accompanying music video. With this step back to the roots of their music, Finnegan Bell (guitar, lead vocals), Ryan Stevens (bass, backing vocals), Daniel Alcala (guitar), Samson Young (drums) and Cory Batchler (keyboard) delve into the mind to bring a sense of resolution.

‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’ opens with Bell’s vocals dropping you into the mentality of the track. While his vocals have a smooth flow to them, the lyrics have a rather gritty sense to them. This comes to a growling head on the chorus that brings the negative emotions of mental health. Through the verses, you are drawn into the need to change superficial things to try and feel better. While filled with negative emotions, the single is also a call for help that tugs at your heart. As you feel the urge to shout with the band on the chorus, you are filled with the conflicting emotions that so many people face each day.

Beneath the extremely emotive lyrics and vocals, is an engaging melody. The guitars in through the opening verse wash through your senses before building on the chorus. The melody enhances the emotions of the vocals, particularly on the chorus. The rise and fall of the movement picks up the highs and lows of the lyrics while keeping you hooked to the track. The guitar riffs later in the single are a pleasure to listen to as they shake up your insides and bolster the emotions the band has pumped into your veins.

Love Ghost explores the ups and downs of life and mental health through the grunge tones of ‘Fade Away (Shave My Head)’. The vocals are amazing as they tug at your heart and fill you with the emotions of the struggles many people face. This is bolstered by the melody while the guitar riff later in the track just tops everything off.

Find out more about Love Ghost on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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