Lovely Assistant – Some Press-Ups For Juliet (2020)

This is not our first feature of Lovely Assistant. Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, the indie-folk quartet graced our virtual desk a few months ago. We featured the single ‘Last of the Aircraft are Leaving’ in our Keeping It Real feature (along Valice and Club Paradise) in July; now, we have the honour of working with them again! Presenting a touching and tranquil sound with a 21st-century twist, Lovely Assistant has just released ‘Some Press-Ups for Juliet’.

Inspired by Elvis Costello, Prefab Sprout, Angel Olsen and Pulp, Lovely Assistant finds that balance between American rock and roll and indie-rock. While one may assume more rock than roll, the group adds a lashing of folk to keep the music smooth and simple. ‘Some Press-Ups for Juliet’ is the embodiment of this raw and honest style.

While the blend of vocals and instrumentation of Lovely Assistant is hypnotic, the clean harmonies of different vocals make ‘Press-Ups for Juliet’ all the more enjoyable. While Kieran Rafferty’s vocals are at the forefront, Annie Griffiths holds her own as a simple songstress amidst a group of lads. Not only this, but the lighthearted instrumentation makes for a laid-back track with genuine sincerity.

In many reviews, I find myself lacking the appropriate conclusion. What is there to say when everything has been said? Moreover, what is there to say when listening to the music is more engaging than any written words? What I can say is that Lovely Assistant have a rather unique, distinctive and refined sound showing maturity and sophistication. I look forward to their upcoming album.

Find out more about Lovely Assistant on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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