LOVETA – More Than Fun (2022)

There are a lot of things in life that are worth celebrating and that is exactly what LOVETA is doing with her single ‘More Than Fun’. This uplifting nu-disco mover brings feel-good dancefloor vibes to a celebration of love, life, freedom and nights that you never want to end. Between the euphoria of celebration is a playful tale of meeting someone special, sparks flying and seeing where the night will take you.

Blurring the lines between vintage and modern, the single offers a nod to funk and disco of old, while infecting you with some modern thumping basslines. While LOVETA boasts an extensive creative resume, including years spent on the stage, her unique style has been carefully crafted to bring the dancing vibes of this project to life. Her artistry perfectly blends genres and styles into a commanding presence that has you moving to her rhythm before you realise what has happened.

LOVETA’s vocals open ‘More Than Fun’ with a smooth slide that instantly draws you into the single. Her voice has a sultry edge that is so rich you can’t help but give in to the slide of it against your skin. While there is a nu-disco edge to her performance, the power and smoothness of her performance can’t be denied. Through her performance, she fills your senses with the pulsing lights of a disco and the good vibes that rush into your soul. The lyrics have a storytelling touch that flows into an exploration of emotions that leave you feeling euphoric. As the single progresses, her delivery hits a harder disco and dance vibe that makes you want to dance as you ride the high of the emotions.

While her vocal performance slides across your senses and fills you with good vibes, the melody slowly builds to a fever pitch. In the opening, the music is an almost RnB wash that is all rich tones and the lightest hint of glitter. As the beats twang their funky vibes into your bones, the melody gains a real nu-disco movement. The beats have a bounce that moves your whole body, while the rest of the instrumentation builds into a dance movement. When the chorus hits, the music merges with the vocals for an infectious flow that has you dancing around, whether you want to or not.

LOVETA will have you dancing around to the infectious tones of ‘More Than Fun’, while riding euphoric good vibes. The single builds to the chorus that is packed with positive energy and the urge to move to the rhythm. Her vocal performance is smooth, yet extremely catchy, as it fills your muscles with the energy to dance like no one’s watching.

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