Lucero – Among The Ghosts (2018)

Image credit to Michael Foster

Lucero is a five-piece American rock band from Memphis, Tennessee, and they have a new album – Among The Ghosts.  It’s due for release on August 3rd.  The band members include Roy Berry (drums), Ben Nichols (vocals and guitar), John C. Stubblefield (bass), Brian Venable (guitar) and Rick Steff (piano, organ and accordion).

The first track on the album is called ‘Among The Ghosts’, and it starts with very good guitar riffs and drum beat.  The track is about being away from home, his wife and daughter, how he didn’t want to leave home, and how he wants to find a way home.  It sounds like it’s about divorce.  He sings about remembering marrying his wife down in Texas, and is a very heartfelt song.

‘Bottom Of The Sea’ starts with, again, catchy guitar riffs and drum beat.  It sounds like another heartfelt song about something that’s upsetting him, and sounds like it’s about heartbreak.  The track, ‘Everything Has Changed’, begins with piano, and has a brilliant bass line; then the lyrics and electric guitar kick in.  It’s, basically, about what it says in the title: everything changes.  It is a brilliant rock song, incredibly catchy, and has an excellent guitar solo.  The keyboard in the background sounds fantastic.

‘Always Been You’ starts with a beautiful piano piece.  It’s a love song, beautifully sung, and has so much feeling.  It is a beautiful song, and it ends with a lovely piano piece as well.  ‘Cover Me’ is a very bouncy rock song where Brian’s voice resembles that of Lemmy Kilmister.  It’s a very catchy track, and if you’re in the mood for a good song to kick back to, this is recommended.

‘To My Dearest Wife’ is a beautiful song about his wife.  Brian sings about how he thinks about his family back in Tennessee, telling his wife to kiss their baby girls goodnight for him, and wishes he could be home more.  He sings about work keeping him from being with his wife and kids.  It’s a beautiful piece of music.

The track, ‘Long Way Back Home’, is a great song where Brian sings about the loss of his father, how it was just him and his brother growing up, and that they had to grow up quickly.  It has catchy keyboards in the background throughout the song; it’s brilliantly put together.

‘Loving’ is about the heartbreak of being apart, and how he doesn’t want them to be kept apart.  Brian sings about how he loves her so much; it’s beautiful and very catchy, so heartfelt and makes you smile.  The track ‘Back To The Night’ is a great song.  It has a very good drum beat, and it has spoken bits during the song which make it even more interesting.  It also has great guitar work on it with some acoustic guitar.

The final track, ‘For The Lonely Ones’, is about being lonely and having a broken heart, but meeting someone else with the broken heart and falling in love.  This is the one that got me addicted.  It had piano and trumpets throughout the song; it’s incredibly catchy, and you will have it on repeat.  The album, Among The Ghosts, is due to be released on August 3rd.  It is definitely worth checking out and buying; it’s a great album!


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