LUCID LIP – Burnt Matches (2021)

Long-distance relationships are full of potential issues. This is something that LUCID LIP are taking on with their single ‘Burnt Matches’. Using matches as a metaphor, the band considers how our feelings can burn and fade due to the distance. With a slow and soulful groove, the single brings the powerful emotions of the metaphor to your ears.

This look at long-distance relationships comes from Frankie Favasuli (vocals), Brendan McGuckin (drums), Diego Cebollero (guitar) and Pat Cochran (bass). As a group of highly versatile lifelong musicians, the band brings energy and light to their music. Smokey vocals wrap around tight melodic grooves for a ride that is full of rock and soul.

The opening notes of ‘Burnt Matches’ have a soul feeling to them. You can just imagine smoky rooms and low lighting as the music wraps around you. There is a slight twang that warbles through the soundscape against the delightful flows of neo-soul. The music makes it so easy to rest back into the soundscape before there is a twist to the melody. This twist brings a flare of upbeat vibes like a fire bursting with life after an infusion of oxygen. As the song progresses, you get more of that upbeat movement but this never loses the soulful vibes. It is a silky smooth melody that you just want to close your eyes and listen to.

Favasuli enhances the soulful feeling of the music with his sultry vocals. There is a slightly smoky feeling to his performance but this is covered in the whiskey flows of his voice. While the melody has a warmth to it, his voice brings a slight burn of pleasure as it slides against your skin. Through the power of his performance, you are filled with the fading of emotions and flares of affection that come in a long-distance relationship. There is a touch of longing and pain in the vocals that enhances the messaging of the track.

LUCID LIP slide into your ears with whiskey warmth and soulful grooves as they contemplate long-distance relationships in ‘Burnt Matches’. The melody is rich and makes you want to sink back into the smoky tones. The vocal performance is enhanced by the melody while easing you through the emotions of the lyrics.

Find out more about LUCID LIP on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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