Garrow Hill – Heartache for the Heartless (2021)

While the saying that hindsight is 20/20 is often correct, it fails to encompass all the emotions that thinking about the past invokes. This is where Garrow Hill pick up with their single ‘Heartache for the Heartless’. Through the music, they look at regret and the thoughts of what could have happened if we had done something differently in the past.

While touching on the melancholy thinking about the past can bring, the band offers a ray of sunshine through understanding that no one is perfect. This wonderful boost comes from Stew King (vocals, guitar), Mark Chappell (vocals, guitar), Dan Rawcliffe (bass) and PG Branton (drums). While each has played in bands before, it was a moment of serendipity that brought them together to form Garrow Hill.

‘Heartache for the Heartless’ hits you with an engaging rock guitar opening. The guitars pull you in while the drums batter the lower levels. There is a really intense feeling to the opening that drops when the vocals hit. The intensity gives way to a flowing melodic movement that has a wonderful classic rock feeling to it. As the song progresses, the opening movements make a comeback to get you rocking out to the music. There is a real stadium feeling to the music as you can easily imagine it flying out over a crowd of people have a blast at a concert.

While the music has you rocking out, the lyrics and vocals draw you into a deeper contemplation. The vocals have just enough roughness to scratch against your brain while smoothly sliding into your senses. The enthralling hook of the vocals sinks into your brain and has you thinking about the past with the band. While looking at what has happened, the lyrics let you know that you can let go because no one is perfect.

Garrow Hill fills you with the power of classic rock while helping you let go of thoughts about the past in ‘Heartache for the Heartless’. With the soaring guitars and engaging melodics, they have you flying to their sound. The vocals and lyrics touch on feelings of regret while encouraging us to let go.

Find out more about Garrow Hill on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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