Ludlow Creek – What About Love (2022)

As part of their rebranding, Ludlow Creek reissued their first album and 2021 single ‘What About Love’. While working under a new name, the Americana and classic rock tones of the band remain the same. With this single, they bring some soft rock to a light twang of country that weaves through heartfelt lyrics.

Allen Seals (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Dave Benson (guitar, vocals), Jeffrey Friend (drum, vocals), Michelle Scarpelli (keyboard, vocals) and Tom Scarpelli (bass, vocals) first started playing together as Southbound in 2013. As they were preparing to release their second album, they rebranded as Ludlow Creek. The group of five close friends use their strong bond and variety of instrumentation to form genuine, authentic and heartfelt music wrapped up in modern classic rock stylings.

The drums that open ‘What About Love’ lay a path down into the guitars that have a wonderful classic Americana rock vibe to them. The keyboard and gentle strum of the guitar continues the Americana vibe of the music, allowing the vocals to build their story. There is an infectious movement to the melody as it carefully pushes you down the soundscape. The strum of the guitars and the light tumble of the drums push against your senses in the best way. As the single progresses, a light country touch makes its way into the guitar line, but this does not change too much and only enhances the movement already there. The guitar solo later in the track is wonderful as it offers a delightful earthy touch that enhances everything that came before.

While the melody has you swaying and moving through the single, it is the honest and heartfelt vocals that really make the track. When the music gentles after the opening, the vocals pull you into a moment when you talk to an old friend and fall into a disagreement. This builds up to the chorus that carries a question we all need to consider and a message that we should all listen to. Through the lyrics, the band tries to bridge the divides that have formed in society and make us all realise that we need to love each other, regardless of how we feel on certain topics. The band has perfectly touched on the troubles that fill modern society and offer a path we can take to make the world a better place.

Ludlow Creek use an addictive Americana soft rock movement and heartfelt lyrics to question the issues of modern society and offer a solution in ‘What About Love’. The melody has classic rock touches that meet Americana country rock undertones. While the music is wonderful, it is the vocals that really hold your attention as the heartfelt questions and honest plea to love and understand each other comes through.

Find out more about Ludlow Creek on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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