Koalra – When The Dust Settles (2022)

For approximately two years, The Other Side Reviews has followed US-based band Koalra religiously (well, almost). From the 2020 release ‘Dear Daylight’ to ‘Everything We Had’ and even an interview with the group, we have enjoyed their unique sound. Alongside us, the four-piece has been featured on blogs like Clunk Magazine, Doubtful Sounds, Thoughts Words Actions and more. They have also featured on various radio stations including iHeart reaching a global audience. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is ‘When The Dust Settles’.

Hot on the heels of their track ‘Everything We Had’, the indie-rock meets punk band shows an evolution in their sound with ‘When The Dust Settles’. More post-punk than indie-rock, Koalra takes listeners on a journey through a hypnotic soundscape. Opening with a simplistic guitar coupled with synths, you feel a sense of comfort but also caution knowing something dark is on the horizon. Unlike previous work, the tracks from the EP When the dust settles come in at 10 minutes (give or take) per song which could be a bit long for some people. The thing is, Koalra’s music is worth every second.

Highlighting their innovativeness and versatility, ‘When The Dust Settles’ is a melting pot of music. The initial hazy tones are followed by a more powerful guitar and drums arrangement shaking you from fuzzy feelings to a foot-stomping awareness. Halfway through the 10-minute single, The Cure-esque vocals make an appearance wrapping around you like a sonic gossamer blanket. Distorted in a way, the vocal execution is desperate, anxious and filled with a melancholic quality.

Not ones to shy away from controversial issues, Koalra represents the “unease and foreboding sense as to where the whole world is heading…” in their moving single. One might get up and twirl about to the tune; but, the song’s vulnerability should have tears running down your face as you realise how fragile we all are.

For more from Koalra check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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