Luke James Williams – This Says (2020)

Cambridge-based alt-folk singer-songwriter Luke James Williams hit the ground running in 2018 with his debut EP Dove. The first single ‘Rabbit Hole’ was featured on Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing and BBC6 Music. His engaging performances have only enhanced his presence on the music scene.

His latest track ‘This Says’ has just been released. The track features Sing For Joy, a Cambridgeshire community choir that anyone can join. The song uses Williams distinct British voice to paint the picture of the lyrics.

‘This Says’ has a stripped back opening with simply Williams’ vocals and an acoustic guitar. This simplicity draws you into the lyrics that tell you a story of regret over words said to another. The lyrics are easy to connect with because they highlight feelings we have all had at some point.

The simple melody of the track builds up smoothly to the chorus where the Cambridgeshire community choir enters. The harmonisation of Williams’ vocals and the choir enhances the lyrics to create a tragically beautiful song. This combination is captivating and emotive leaving you feeling a little sad when the song ends.

Luke James Williams draws an emotional response with his track ‘This Says’ through a simple melody, emotive lyrics and beautiful harmonisation. The song leaves you feeling somewhat sad at the end, but you will want to listen to it more than once. The understated melodies and inclusion of a choir form a gentle and tragic track that is wonderful to listen to.

Find out more about Luke James Williams on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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