Lost Like Lions – The Devil That You Know (2020)

Lost Like Lions is an alternative rock band coming out of Buffalo, New York. The band started a few years ago and consists of Derrik Schiersing (vocals, guitar), Jamie Bigaj (guitar), Matt Kusmierz (bass) and Jim Kaczmarski (drums). Over the past year and a half, they have been working on their newest EP The Devil That You Know.

The name of the EP comes from the saying ‘better the devil you know’ and how we are always wondering if we are doing the right thing. The EP looks at whether the grass is greener on the other side and how determining this affects us.

The first track ‘Something Else’ get into the story from the first moment. The start of the song builds the setting with a slower melody that morphs into a faster tempo. This track has a sense of longing in it and is very easy to listen to on repeat.

‘Run Away’ has a faster tempo from the start, with Schiersing’s vocals melding perfectly with the guitars and drums. This song has more of the theme of the EP in it and looks at moving on from a situation to a perceived better place. Throughout the track, there are catchy moments that you want to sing along to.

The last track of the EP is ‘Enemies’ and looks at reigniting a flame. The lyrics of the track build the scene and feelings of those involved. Like the rest of the EP, this track is relatable and a smooth tune you can easily listen to at any time.

Lost Like Lions takes you on a journey with The Devil You Know looking at whether you are doing the right thing. Each song looks at a different aspect of this theme, but they work well as a whole. While the band is not breaking new ground, they have created a catchy EP that you can have fun listening to.

Find out more about Lost Like Lions on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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