Luke Porter – The Truth Lies Behind (2020)

Luke Porter is encouraging us to look forward and forget the past with his new EP The Truth Lies Behind. Through the 5-track EP, he lets any listener know that there are still good things to come. While this theme and messaging are clearer in some songs than others, the underlying positivity can be felt throughout.

Drawing on his own emotions, Porter explores the realisation that hope for the future can lead to positive things. To explore this concept, he uses his blend of folk, rock and blues to create an engaging soundscape. This sound has been honed over the years and through playing a number of live venues including the O2 Academy.

The EP starts with ‘You Don’t See In Me What I See In You’ and a really engaging guitar line. This is joined by an equally energetic piano line. The hopeful and uplifting vibe of the album comes through from the first second of the song. The melody has you moving to the beat while Porter’s vocals draw you into the lyrics. Listening to the lyrics you are filled with the message of the album and encouraged to continue looking at the future with hope. Threaded into this uplifting vibe is a sense that things have not gone well and you need to move on.

‘In Everything There’s You’ has a slower start, but is just as engaging as the opening track. The guitar line has you floating to the melody before Porter’s vocals come in. When listening to this song, you can just imagine Porter sitting with a guitar and singing. There is a very motivational vibe throughout this song. The electric guitar and strings that come into the melody add a little something to the flow of the track that takes it to a different level.

The opening of ‘I’ll Let the Day Pass Through’ is interesting as it has a good movement, but there is something a little melancholic around the edges. Porter’s vocals also have a slightly darker edge to them compared to the other tracks. The guitar and piano lines have an interesting interplay throughout the track to create a representation of different emotions. On one hand, there is a sadness to the guitar lines while the piano has a bit more hope and positivity in the notes.

‘Future’s Still A Dream’ picks up the pace to inject the positivity of the album straight into your brain. There is a catchy vibe to the song that has you moving to the beat before you realise what you are doing. Through the lyrics, you explore the negative emotions only to be led to a realisation that good is still to come. The upbeat vibe of the track fills your chest with a light bubble that makes you excited for what is still to come.

The EP ends with ‘It’s Not Fair to Live in Fear’ which is a live bonus track on the CD version only. The strumming guitar melds with Porter’s vocals to propel you into the emotions of the track. This song makes you want to see Porter live and gives you a taste of what this would be like. There is a lot of positivity within this song tempered by a sense of wanting to hide from the negativity of the past or present.

Luke Porter fills you with hope and positivity as he turns his attention to the future with his EP The Truth Lies Behind. Each track has a positive energy with some pushing the messaging of the album more than the others. The hope for the future is tempered by a reflection on the past and the negative emotions experiences can bring.

Find out more about Luke Porter on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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