Liotia – Be Here (Always) (2020)

If you are looking for a sonic melting pot of influences, Liotia has just what you need. Their single ‘Be Here (Always)’ draws on 80s electro with some ethereal vocals and a sound that is reminiscent of Little Dragon. The dreamy electronic soundscape melds with airy vocals and waves of breaks and drones for a swirling sonic experience.

The single continues the collaboration of the two member’s soundscapes. Abigail Hubbard’s haunting vocals are blended into the synth soundscape of Matthew Smyth. The duo started this fusion of sounds in 2017 and self-released their debut EP in 2019. With their music featured on BBC Introducing, they are working hard on their upcoming album.

‘Be Here (Always)’ uses pulsing synths to draw you into the melody. The melody has a lot of different layers working together to form a solid electronic flow below the vocals. There are some zipping synth notes that zing past your head while the deeper pulsing tones form the base of the melody. It is a very interesting melody that you can get a little lost in. While there are a lot of elements doing their own thing, they all combine and meld with the vocals.

Hubbard’s vocals provide a more traditional melodic element for the single. There is a great flow to her performance that leads you over the electronic melody. Later on the track, her voice goes on a journey to the higher range for an ethereal experience. Through her performance, you get hooked on the catchy chorus and could find yourself singing along. Together with the melody, the vocals create an easy listening experience.

Liotia combines engaging synths with haunting ethereal vocals for the sonic experience of ‘Be Here (Always)’. The single is easy to listen to and you can get lost in its multiple layers. The synths of the melody create a complex foundation for the haunting vocals to rest on.

Find out more about Liotia on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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