Luna Keller – I’ll Bring You Home (2020)

Luna Keller is a young singer-songwriter from Tenerife. She has been surrounded by music her whole life and sang in the local choir. She has written and performed songs for special occasions, but only started releasing her songs in 2017. Her latest track is ‘I’ll Bring You Home’ from her upcoming EP Prophecies and Silver Linings.

This folk song was written for the people she loves and is grateful to have in her life. The folk inspiration came from her time in Ireland where she fell in love with the genre. The goal of the song is to bring people together and remind us that we are not alone.

‘I’ll Bring You Home’ wastes no time getting you into the vibe with a strong acoustic guitar and Keller’s strong vocals. The melody of the track is catchy and sticks in your head after the song has ended. The catchy melody is combined with equally catchy lyrics that you want to sing along to.

Keller’s vocals are easy to listen to and captivating. The harmonisation during the chorus is fantastic and fitting with the message of the track. The lyrics have an upbeat feel to them and make you sure that everything will be okay.  

Luna Keller gets you singing along to ‘I’ll Bring You Home’ through catchy lyrics and an upbeat folk melody. While the track was written for her loved ones, it is easy to connect with and gives you a sense of hope. The fact that her father and mother are featured on the track on guitar and back vocals respectively adds a little something extra to it all.

Find out more about Luna Keller on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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