Laura Mustard – Nobody’s Road (2020)

Laura Mustard is a Nashville-based musician who started playing the piano at the age of 6. She started playing open mic nights in high school and released her debut EP in 2016. Since then she has created a collection of songs known as Treehouse. The first single from this collection, ‘Nobody’s Road’, has now been released.

The single is very personal and charts Mustard’s own experiences. However, it also serves as a reminder for all listeners that we are not alone in our struggles. The track was produced by Ben Bishop adding a bit of his creativity to the tune.

‘Nobody’s Road’ gets your head moving to the beat from the first note. This leads perfectly into Mustard’s smooth and captivating vocals. Her vocals are emotive and uplifting as they work through the story of the song. While the story is very personal, the underlying message is relatable and makes you feel that you are not alone with your problems.

The melody of the track helps to drive this message through. There is an upbeat tone to the melody with interesting interludes of piano, violins and drums. This keeps the tempo of the track while boosting the overall positive vibe of the song.

Laura Mustard uses ‘Nobody’s Road’ to let us know that nobody’s road is ever easy, but you are not alone. The track is an uplifting pop-folk song with ethereal bridges and Mustard’s unique vocals. The lyrics are deeply personal but still easy to connect with.

Find out more about Laura Mustard on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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