Luvanga – Luv EP (2020)

Coming off the back of his collaborative compilation album Mood For Life, Swiss musician and produced Luvanga has unveiled his solo EP LUV. Luvanga is a self-taught musician and composer who baths his soul-filled sound with drums from his African roots. His compositions are full of personality, diversity and rigorous arrangements.

The new EP is a pre-cursor to his anticipated debut album. Each song is a taste of different sides of Luvanga and were born out of his personal feelings. His emotions are the heart of the tracks, but each song also covers a strong theme.

The EP starts with ‘Botomboki’ which is a back to the roots track. From the first moment, there is a driving beat and some amazing horns. The track has this great vibe that makes you want to move and imagine warm sunny days spent having fun with the family. This is an instrumental track and full of entertaining beats.

‘Sungamene’ takes a different turn with a melody that is all popping notes. The vocals on the track have a fun feeling to them and make you want to dance. There is a funkier tone to this track and there is a change in the melody that throws the song for a loop. It is a creative addition to the song and adds a little something to this track.

‘Fais-moi confiance’ uses electric guitars to capture your attention. The song is in French adding a new element to this track. This song shines a light on the romantic side of Luvanga. There are some moments in the song that have a cinematic vibe to them, but you are brought back down to the intimate base of the track.

The last song is ‘Shine Like a Moonlight’ which is the dance track of the EP. There are distorted electronic vocals on the track with rhythmic synths. The beat in this track makes you move whether you want to or not. This song would not be out of place at any dance party whether in a club or on the beach.

Luvanga introduces you to different facets of his personality in LUV with four very different tracks. The EP moves from Afrobeats to electronic dance showcasing not only the different parts of Luvanga, but also his musical abilities.

Find out more about Luvanga on his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

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