Koalra – Hooked (2020)

Koalra is an exciting noise-punk band coming out of Chicago. The four-piece released their 90’s influenced album in 2019 with a followup EP including the sun-soaked anthem ‘Dear Daylight’. They are back with their latest single ‘Hooked’ which is the first off their upcoming album The Wakes.

This track is a whimsical and feel-good romp through a field. The accompanying music video perfectly highlights this as it was filmed in an open field full of fireflies. The song is designed to spark thoughts of an open and peaceful world.

‘Hooked’ gets you into the vibe with a great drum opening that leads to driving guitar work. The melody of the track has a surf-rock feel to it that transports you to the ’90s. There is something about the melody and the arrangement throughout the song that gets you hooked and does not let you go. It could be the driving beat or the interesting guitar lines that pop in and out.

While the melody holds your attention, the vocal performance insinuates into your subconscious. The vocals are an echoing upper layer to the track that perfectly drapes over the melody. The performance has a whimsical note to it and feels like it could float away if there is a strong wind. Together they form a single that you can listen to at any time and in any situation.

Koalra take you on a feel-good romp through a field using whimsical vocals and captivating beats in ‘Hooked’. The track is fun to listen to and gently laps against your senses.

Find out more about Koalra on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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