Maggie Cassidy – Why Can’t We Be Friends (2020)

Maggie Cassidy is an up-and-coming pop-rock band. This five-piece band formed in 2017 in Guildford, Surrey.

Maggie Cassidy’s latest song ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ definitely takes their music to a more rock-based centre. After listening to the older ‘Runaway’ I can hear how the band has grown and come into itself a bit more. I love that both songs have a definitive and intriguing sound with sets of lyrics worth listening to.

When it comes to ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ I love the rockier edge (reminiscent of Fall Out Boy) and the rhythm works well with the lyrics. The song manages to use its rhythm to support and enhance the lyrics brilliantly. So far, this single is my favourite Maggie Cassidy release, and I am very much looking forward to any new music.

All in all, I think the group members have definitely grown as people, as well as their music. I believe they have not only found their groove but have room for growth and development, which I’m sure we’ll see more of soon. It’s this development that leads to successful careers – I see this in MC.

You can find out more about Maggie Cassidy on FacebookTwitterInstagram and their official website.  You can listen to their music via their Spotify account.

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