Magic Dietrich – Magic 7 (2021)

If you are looking for a song that encompasses everything from rock to electronica, you have come to the right place. With thought-provoking lyrics and edgy music, Magic Dietrich is taking listeners on an avant-garde experience with his single ‘Magic 7’. Featuring soulful vocals from Christian Erik, the single is a journey through the atmosphere.

This musical project captures the musing and music of Kelvinsky and comes to you from a land of twilight night. With some punchy and energetic tones, he will have you riding the atmospheric instrumentation. Taking a unique approach to music and the listening experience, the single comes at you from all sides for an experience you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

‘Magic 7’ draws you in with an irresistible drum line that punches through your chest. The beats grab your attention before the guitar strums its way through the soundscape. The layers of the melody offer a great rock flow for you to grab onto. The synths that tinker in the background bring a different edge to the music. Through the multiple layers of the melody, you are pulled into an edgy feeling. There are tones that come out of nowhere in the melody that create a very interesting arrangement while the guitar riffs are really amazing.

Erik’s vocals are a melodic blast through the rather experimental soundscape. His voice is a smooth line that you can follow through the thrumming tones and popping synths. While the melody is a large part of the track, his vocals add a break to the blast of music. You will get a little hooked to his voice as it acts as a buffer against the music that threatens to sweep you away.

Magic Dietrich teams up with Christian Erik for the blasting avant-garde sounds of ‘Magic 7’. With a very original melodic arrangement, the single threatens to overtake you with the blast of rocking instrumentation. There is a dark edge to the soundscape that is tempered by the smoothness of Erik’s vocals which act as a buffer against the blasting winds of the music.

Find out more about Magic Dietrich on his website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.

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