Nigel G. Lowndes – Boring (2021)

Inspired by acts like Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Squeeze and The Rolling Stones, UK-based singer-songwriter Nigel G. Lowndes drags yesteryear’s rock and roll into the 21st century with a quirky twist. After spending the majority of 2020 working on his album Hello Mystery, Lowndes bursts into 2021 with his debut single ‘Boring’.

The first song off his highly anticipated upcoming album Hello Mystery, ‘Boring’ is anything but boring. Showcasing Lowndes’s bold personality, the track is an enigmatic conglomeration of indie-pop, indie-rock and jangle-pop. Combining dynamic guitars with steady guitars and an interspersed underlying piano, ‘Boring’ has an endearing quality in the infectious melodies. I find the use of organic instrumentation highly intriguing as it boasts the honesty and originality of the track.

At first listen, the single is an upbeat track filled with catchy choruses and bouncy riffs, but there is a deeper content belying the jovial sound. In a dizzy swirl of happy music, Lowndes shares raw truths about people “who only seem to like the sound of their own voice”. Touching on elements of narcissism, self-righteousness, arrogance and over-inflated egos (which might all be a front to insecurity and self-loathing), ‘Boring’ has a sincere genuineness with Lowndes saying things that you think but don’t necessarily voice.

Rich and robust, Lowndes’s charming vocals nod toward traditional rock and roll, but also add obscurity with a sophisticated execution of intimate thoughts. As I said, listening to ‘Boring’ is anything but boring with its kaleidoscopic soundscape effortlessly permeating your soul and plastering a grin on your face.

For more from Nigel G. Lowndes check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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