Pochenski – No Answers (2021)

After several years of performing with bands, Manchester-based Daniel Pye (vocals and guitar), Kieran Joyce (bass, guitar and backing vocals) and George Coleman (drums) joined forces to work on the genre-defying project Pochenski. Formed in late-2019, the trio merged their various inspirations and experience with different sounds resulting in an ambient swirl of music. Introspective, intimate and engaging, Pochenski has featured on Gig Goer, It’s All Indie, Chalkpit Records and several online radio stations. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘No Answers’.

Despite being written in pre-pandemic 2019, ‘No Answers’ is so intimate, personal and relatable that it traverses time and space reaching audiences on different levels. Touching on elements of frustration, isolation, anxiety and an ultimate acceptance of one’s circumstances, ‘No Answers’ delves into infinite personal struggles. Yet, while there is a desperate melancholy in the track, the intimacy of the content leaves an empowering understanding of not understanding things.

“‘No Answers’ is a very introspective tune which, on reflection, could be attributed to the current conditions many people find themselves living in at the present moment… ‘No Answers’ is about accepting there are some things in this life no matter how hard we try we can never fully grasp or understand.” – Pochenski on ‘No Answers’

Yes, the lyricism of ‘No Answers’ is powerful in itself; however, it is the harmonic combination of instrumentation and vocals that make the track anthemic. Pye’s elegant and eloquent execution of meaningful lyricism enhances the intensity of the message packed with raw honesty and genuineness. Reminiscent of Hinder and Seether with licks of Radiohead, Pochenski drags early-2000s alt-rock and grunge into the 21st century with a contemporary twist. What I find particularly intriguing is how they merge American and British sounds, but staying true to UK indie-rock with throaty English-inflexed vocals. I just love this element!

So, what do I really think of ‘No Answers’. Fact is, I love the single with its kaleidoscopic harmonies fusing brash lyricism, endearing vocals and dynamic instrumentation in a soul-stirring four-minute track.

For more from Pochenski check out their Instagram and Spotify.

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