Maida Rose – Harmony of Heartache (2020)

Stamping onto the music scene with a crescendo of awesomeness is Dutch duo, Maida Rose. Reminiscent of acts like Muse, Cigarettes After Sex, Acid Ghost and Men I Trust, the pair proffer a dream-pop meets post-punk sound. While relatively newbies of the scene, Roos Meijer and Javier deb Leeuw have received coverage from blogs like Turtle Tempo, Clout, Mystic Sons and several online radio stations. Preceding their debut album Tales of Adolescence we have the debut single ‘Harmony of Heartache’.

Adopting a DIY approach, Maida Rose self-recorded and produced their debut album ‘Harmony of Heartache’. Living in uncertain times with dark clouds overhead, we need some cheerfulness to make days slightly more tolerable – ‘Harmony of Heartache’ hits the mark. With its wistful, synth-laden dream-pop style, the track has a hazy ambience drawing listeners into a swirl of whimsical sound. Yet, while you feel an overwhelming headiness from the moving melody, it is the incorporation of haunting vocals that enhance the poignancy of the track.

With a voice reminiscent of Bjork and Enya, the female vocals add an eerie sensuality that surrounds one in its spine-tingling embrace. Touching on issues of isolation, fear, depression and loss, ‘Harmony of Heartache’ has a sense of melancholic nostalgia but with a lingering optimism supporting those dealing with difficult situations. Evocative and intimate, Maida Rose break boundaries with the ethereal track ‘Harmony of Heartache’.

For more from Maida Rose check out their official website, Facebook and Instagram.

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