Belonging – Think I’m Gonna Fall (2021)

Belonging has turned the escapism people feel when out at music venues and clubs into his single ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’. Setting this celebration of these venues against the backdrop of COVID-19, the single takes a bittersweet turn as the memories of the last days before lockdown are brought to mind. While touching on the sadder feelings of missing these sanctuaries, it provides a wonderful celebration of what they stand for.

The man behind Belonging, Chris Patrick, showcased his ability to capture emotions in sonic clarity through his single ‘How Could You Know?’. This ability shines again in this track as you slide from getting lost in the music of a venue to the bittersweet realisation that you could be listening to the last song at the venue. All of this comes together for a dancefloor-ready track that washes you with sadness.

The dance vibes of ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’ hit you from the first pulsing beat. You can easily imagine this track playing out across a dancefloor as bodies move and lights swing. There are rolling guitars that meld with the dance beats for a blended jumping experience. It is the guitars in the lower levels of the track that brings a sense of sadness to the music. They roll along the foundation of the song to bring you to ground while the other lines work at sending you soaring.

Patrick’s vocals bring the best of both worlds through his delivery. At times, his vocals soar and cut through your chest for a lively vibe. This is tempered by a bittersweet movement that dampens the fun vibes resting in your chest. The two-toned vocals bring the lyrics to life as they work through the emotions of being in a club just before lockdown. You can almost feel the bittersweet desperation of the night and the realisation that everything is going to change.

Belonging brings the vibrant joy of being in a musical sanctuary to life before dampening the feel with a splash of bittersweet realisation in ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’. The contrast of emotions is clear in both the melody and vocals as they fill you with dance vibes while bringing you down at the same time. This emotional rollercoaster highlights the lyrics and the story they have to tell.

Find out more about Belonging on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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