Maijah – Sparkly (2021)

With her debut solo single, Maijah surrounds you with feelings of self-love. Through the fun affirmations of ‘Sparkly’, she lifts your spirits and helps you manifest your hopes and dreams into reality in the most glamorous way possible. With some bubbling energy, she has you riding fun vibes while the melody gets stuck in your head for days.

Maijah’s love for music started as soon as she was born and she dreamt of making it in music when she was a little girl. In elementary school, she started writing her own music and performed her first solo set at 13. Since then, she has been in bands and performed solo while drawing on the influence of jazz and RnB to form her own pop sound.

‘Sparkly’ shimmers and glitters into life with a rippling wash of synth tones. There is a light feeling to the opening that leads you to the deep and fun beats. There is a real danceable vibe to the beats that makes you want to tap your toes and bop your head to them. The melody is a wonderfully layered affair that has the depths of deep beats and glittering brightness of the synths. They rest on each other to bounce you through the soundscape.

As you are bouncing to the melody, Maijah’s vocals fill you with good affirmations. There is a heavy core feeling of self-acceptance in the vocals that makes you feel good about yourself. Through the lyrics, she stands unapologetically and pumps her confidence into your veins. Her high tones are amazing and add to the sparkling feeling of the single. The different notes she is able to hit in this song are a true testament to the power of her voice and her capabilities as a musician. By the end of the track, you will be clicking to the beat and feeling like you can take on the world.

Maijah has you riding waves of self-love while filling you with fun and positive affirmations in ‘Sparkly’. Her debut solo single highlights her versatility, power, control and musicality while giving you the boost you need to face the world. With a chorus that sticks in your head, she has you feeling powerful and light.

Find out more about Maijah on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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