BREGN – Summertime (2022)

Through the ethereal tones of ‘Dreaming’, BREGN took us on a vulnerable yet fearless exploration of the human soul in complex states. He continues to delve into emotions and the human condition with his new single ‘Summertime’. Shining with sunny bliss, the lo-fi single is dedicated to everyone who suffers from summertime sadness.

Through the acoustic folk tones of the single, he considers the difficult situation of wanting to ask for love when you are feeling sad. Something that is undeniably hard to do, it is made harder by the fun and happy vibes of summer. Introspective vocals dip into a honeyed sweetness while bringing a wonderful nuance to the track that truly captures the nebulous emotions we all have.

‘Summertime’ has a bright touch to the melody that shines in the opening. You can feel the summer heat settling on your skin through the melody, as the sun starts to rise to its peak. The lo-fi vibes of the melody enhance the folk tones, creating a warm relaxed atmosphere that you can easily sink into. The brightness and warmth of the melody allows you to soak up the introspective lyrics. The melody gains a slight twang to it as the single continues, that bolsters the summer vibes. Through the melody, you can imagine the long lazy summer days with the sun bleaching everything it touches. While there is a strong summer vibe to the track, the low levels carry a touch of melancholy that brings the summertime sadness to the soundscape.

When the vocals enter, they are hazy, like the rising heat off the pavement. While the vocals continue the lo-fi vibes of the melody, there is a heaviness to them that wonderfully contrasts the haziness. This makes the introspections and contemplations of the lyrics more powerful as they tug at your emotions. You can feel the longing for love and affection through the performance, but this is tempered by the sadness that rests in the melody. Through the vocals, you are filled with a strange melancholic sweetness as you appreciate the brightness of summer, only to feel an emotional lethargy at the same time. It is a rather heady combination that perfectly captures the nuances of summer sadness and a longing for love.

BREGN uses a lo-fi vibe mixed with summer folk tones to bring warmth to ‘Summertime’, while considering a yearning for love. Through the melody, he offers the sunny warmth of summer that seems to make life easier. The vocals continue this brightness, while bringing the heaviness of summer sadness.

Find out more about BREGN on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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