Mako Bron – Sideways (2021)

Mako Bron first introduced us to his powerful ability to bring contrasts to musical glory with his single ‘Something Always’. Now, following on from his delightful debut EP, he brings emotional depths to the contrasting sounds of ‘Sideways’. While the lyric touch on fear, love and helplessness in tragic situations, the melody moves from major to minor and everywhere in between.

While his debut EP brought an edge to the contrasting sounds, this single softens everything to display a more compassionate side to his music. Through this softer touch, Bron brings a connection and the desire to support those in bad situations. Taking what he has learnt from his EP and experience playing in bands around Sydney, Bron has a new confidence and maturity in his music.

‘Sideways’ uses shuffling beats and disco-style higher tones to grab your attention. The thrumming bass is a foot-tapping delight in the low levels while those disco tones fill the higher layers of the track with bright light. The slightly retro vibe of the single is subtly handled while taking on Bron’s signature contrasts. Compared to his past releases, there is a wonderful softness to this song that makes you want to sink into the cotton-soft flows.

While the melody is a soft surface for you to rest on, the vocals bring an emotional edge. There is a light touch of pain in his performance that is dusted with a feeling of helplessness. Through the lyrics, you are confronted with an inability to help someone you care about bringing a rather intense wash of emotions. The hopelessness mixes with fear of what is happening while the solid thread of love is laced through everything. This is an amazing hit of emotions that is handled really well by Bron. Instead of hitting you upside with the emotions, he slowly filters them into your veins through the soft and compassionate movement of the single.

Mako Bron brings out a softer side with ‘Sideways’ while hitting you with an emotional sledgehammer. The softness of the melody creates a gentle layered approach to the vocals. Through his vocal performance, he brings fear, love and hopelessness to your senses for the serious emotional edge of the single.

Find out more about Mako Bron on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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