Sydney Gordon – Chains (2022)

Likened to prominent pop singers Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson and even the iconic Christina Aguilera, US-based Sydney Gordon is an elegant force of nature. Embracing music at a young age, Gordon was singing at age 7 and at age 12 was performing at Greenwich Village’s The Bitter End. Featured on numerous playlists and podcasts, the 19-year-old songstress is reaching audiences on an international level. We take a look at her debut single ‘Chains’.

Described by Fruit Sonic as bringing fire to an intense blues-pop style, Sydney Gordon is a feisty siren with a ton of attitude. A true power-pop sound, ‘Chains’ has a melodic arrangement filled with powerful beats and tinges of blues to the mix. What I find intriguing about the melody is how each element receives prominence but retains its position within the sonic whole. The funky beats and synths back Gordon’s unique vocals enhancing the power of the vocals in a simplistic contemporary pop way.

While the underlying melody of ‘Chains’ tosses you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound, it is the force of Gordon’s vocals that really carry the listener. Reminiscent of Christina Aguilera, but unique in her own way, Sydney Gordon establishes herself as a pop powerhouse. The sensual track may have traces of charming tenderness, but it becomes interesting when you discover this track has a melancholic message. Gordon shares that “the track was inspired by ‘Fall In Line’ by Christina Aguilera and ‘River’ by Bishop Briggs. I wanted to create something that had an edgy and powerful vibe that also expressed a playful and feminine pop feel. I wrote ‘Chains’ when I was in a relationship where I knew I was putting the blame on him, but I was aware that I was at fault too.”

Produced by Mike Cortes and Zach Murphy, ‘Chains’ showcases Sydney Gordon’s innocent and vulnerable side but with an endearing cheekiness. I absolutely adore ‘Chains’ and remain aghast at how Gordon’s musical maturity exceeds her young years. I cannot wait for more!

To find out more about Sydney Gordon check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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