MARBL – It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere (2021)

After a breakup, MARBL turned the hurt and pain she was feeling into the guitar-driven folk single ‘It’s Always Out O’clock Somewhere’. Through an act of catharsis, the single talks about the feeling of leaving part of you behind when a relationship ends. This feeling is countered by common sense not understanding why you feel this way and leading you to an emotional limbo.

While working as a vocal coach in Tel-Aviv, MARBL’s previous releases have been well-received across the world. With honest lyrics and emotive deliveries, she inundates listeners with her feelings while touching on universal themes. With a touching music video accompanying the release, she brings the emotions of the track to metaphorical and visual life.

‘It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere’ pulls you into the gentle folk vibes with a lilting acoustic guitar. There is a very airy feeling to the melody as it lightly dances across your senses. With the acoustic guitar driving the melody, you sink into a very authentic soundscape with wind tones breathing in the background. There is a very light piano line that enters later in the track to combine with the guitar for a tender melodic flow.

MARBL’s vocals are a delicate touch on the melody as she whispers across the guitar line. There is an intimate feeling to her performance as you feel her emotions creep over you. Through her performance, you feel the emotional limbo she was resting in as her heart calls out for the person she has left while her brain pulls for her to move on. At times, there is a breathy feeling to her performance that is wonderfully touching and grips something deep in your chest.

The music video for the single uses more metaphor than the song itself but offers a beautifully touching visual that captures the delicacy of the track. Filmed, staged and edited by Tomer Levi, the sunrise and sunset are used to reflect the emotions of the single. While the song was written about a relationship, there is a more familial story resting in the video visuals. This makes it more accessible to everyone while hitting you with a very different emotional punch.

With the tender vocals and delicate melody, MARBL has you resting in an emotional limbo with ‘It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere’. The acoustic guitar-driven melody has a light touch while grabbing hold of your senses. Her vocals combine with this to inundate you with the emotions of the track through a tender and at times breathy performance.

Find out more about MARBL on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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