Marble Mammoth – Have The Sun Lick Your Mind (2020)

While placed in the alternative rock genre, Marble Mammoth is a truly genre-bending Swedish quartet. Comprised of artists from different bands, Tobias (guitar and vocals), Emil (bass), Andy (organ and percussion) and Marcus (drums) incorporate their different experiences and influences to form the distinctive Marble Mammoth sound. To be completely truthful, Marble Mammoth does not have a specific sound per se but tends to meld genres and traverse from one style to another with their singles. The latest release from this eclectic group is ‘Have The Sun Lick Your Mind’.

Influenced by the indie-rock and Britpop bands, ‘Have The Sun Lick Your Mind’ is a combination of Primal Scream, The Charlatons and Supergrass. A far more melodic track as compared to their previous rock hits ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Lonely’, Marble Mammoth shows a buoyant and brighter side to their music. According to frontman Tobias Bergholm ‘Have The Sun Like Your Mind’ is “a song about healing, about starting over and about feeling hope for the future.” It may be this encouraging concept that promotes Marble Mammoth’s more optimistic style.

What I truly enjoy about ‘Have The Sun Lick Your Mind’ is the chorus. Bringing in the soulful sounds of the 1960s, the chorus of this track bears a striking similarity to that of Dusty Springfield’s ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’. Moreover, the message of hope in the sight of distress resembles Springfield’s moving and cheerful tune. Well, Dusty might have been singing about a clandestine affair, but still a pleasant song all the same.

The simple conclusion is that I like the track. A seamless blending of simple instrumentation and passionate, warm vocals make ‘Have The Sun Lick Your Mind’ a firm favourite on my playlist.

You can find out more about Marble Mammoth on their Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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