Track of the Day: Yonder – Perennial

Brother duo Alex ( lead vocals, guitar, synth and bass) and Dan Lisle (backing vocals, drums, synth and bass) seem to have presented at least a word puzzle, both with the name of their band, Yonder, and their latest single that goes under the title of ‘Perennial’. Their music is seemingly supposed to be something in the distance, but within reach, and at the same time perennial – something that you will pick up and listen to at any time. If you look at just these words and their meaning, the Lisle brothers have quite lofty goals. But with just one previous single (‘Medicine Dreams’), are they may be aiming a bit too high?

Well, judging by ‘Perennial’, not really. ‘Medicine Dreams’ earned a lot of praise, even from established British dailies, but the new single seems to take the Lisle brothers to the heights they obviously aim for.

So, what have they done here? If you judge the song by its few single synth notes, nothing out of the ordinary, you get the impression that you’ll get the usual formulaic EDM number. But, then, suddenly chiming guitars and vocals drop in with some brilliant harmonies. Guitars keep changing their sound, pianos and glockenspiels drop-in, and then those ‘nagging’ synths show up again…then it really hits you. Yonder is actually finishing the job Stone Roses started up back in the early nineties. They are updating psych-based Britpop for the current times.

Sure, it sounds like yet another quite lofty task, but the Lisle Brothers, aka Yonder, seem to have done something with ‘Perennial’ where many bands have failed. They brought us back modernised Britpop in its full glory. Expect more great things from the brothers; Yonder is a name to remember.

For more from Yonder check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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