Mario DiSanto – Maybe One Day (2021)

With his EP Maybe One Day, Mario DiSanto has collected his favourite demo recordings from his first year of music and sharing them with the world. While each track touches on different experiences, they are held together as a whole by the unique sound of his style. Each track incorporates distortion created through various means while washing listeners with a surf rock sound.

The EP also highlights the eclectic tastes of DiSanto which have shaped the music he likes to make. Over the years, he has been involved in a number of musical projects and produced music for other artists. To create his own work, he started recording on old tape machines and abused analogue equipment to form his unique sound.

The EP opens with the journey through love that is ‘Night Clouds’. The jangle of the guitars wobble and distort through the process of falling deeply in love. As the retro style vocals hit and make you want to twist to them, the lyrics draw you out of love into heartbreak and the yearning for a love lost. The rather lively and upbeat feeling of the track turns as the story unfolds bringing the emotions to the soundscape. There is a soaring guitar riff that fills your chest with the pain of heartbreak and the yearning for something that has been lost.

‘The Ever Erasing Memory of Fernando Cortes Julio’ opens with the ringing of a phone and a voicemail. This track brings a heavier hit of vintage tones with the distorted remembering of a fun-fair style movement. The almost woozy feeling to the melody perfectly matches with the story of addiction and its different stages. The use of an old stop smoking hypnosis tape is an interesting choice but adds to the almost psychedelic and rather intense movement of the track.

The title track ‘Maybe One Day’ has a more acoustic feeling to the opening with a rather mellow vibe. His vocals warble over the soundscape, he brings an optimistic view of life to your ears. The most positive track of the EP, there is a mantra feeling woven into the heartbeat of the song that makes you feel positive about the future. As the single progresses, the roll of sound lifts you up and has your brain dancing in a sun-strewn meadow.

‘Our Agitator’ has a heavier sound that pounds through the distortion with a serious hit of post-punk and rock aggression. After the positivity of the last track, the punch against the establishment shines through the soundscape. As the track takes on the exploitation of the working class, it throws your mind back to the protest and anti-establishment songs of the past. You will feel the urge to shout out with him on this track while turning the volume up. There is this infectious energy threaded into the track that vibrates through your veins and makes you want to explode with it.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Medication Time’ which offers an ode to DiSantos’s favourite movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. The melody builds into an explosion of energy that perfectly captures the vibes of the music. The lyrics draw on certain scenes of the movie and combine with the surf feeling of the EP. It is an interesting track that offers threads trying to pull you to ground while the overall energy vibrates with a surf feel. The last fading tones really hit you in the chest and leave you on a shaken note.

Mario DiSanto has you bouncing to his sound while filling you with the emotions of different moments in time through Maybe One Day. The EP has an overall distorted surf feel but each track is wonderfully unique. The lyrics take on some serious issues including the exploitation of the working class while lifting you up for a sense of hope for the future.

Find out more about Mario DiSanto on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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