Martin Smith – Fire in Your Eyes (2021)

With his single ‘Fire in Your Eyes’, Martin Smith continues to blend his musical influences with contemporary worship sounds. Through his single, he considers the fire in God’s eyes which leads us through the dark night. This is a powerful image and one that many people can relate to in light of the pandemic. Touching on the uncertain times we have all gone through, he turns our attention to the light that can lead us out of our own darkness.

With years of musical experience under his belt, Smith packs vibrant energy and soaring tones into this track. Having predominantly focused on Christian music, he has played in bands from Cutting Edge to Delirious? which become one of the most successful Christian pop-rock bands and supported Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. As a solo artist, he continues to spread his message through the tremendous power of his music. Whether you believe or not, his sound will touch something deep inside and offer the strength we all need.

‘Fire in Your Eyes’ uses a progressive melody to get you into the track. The beats pulse through you as they lead you higher into the melody. There is a wonderful light energy to this track which perfectly captures the uplifting message of the track. While drawing you into the track. The music feels like it is building through the verses. This bursts through on the chorus as you are sent flying on the waves of peace and good vibes. The music on the chorus makes you want to turn the volume up and shout out with the vocals.

As the music builds through you, Smith’s vocals match the progressive pace of the melody. The opening verse sets the scene of the track as he places you in a dark place only to feel the light make its way to you. Through the chorus, his vocals really soar as you are drawn into the peaceful power of unconditional love. While the lyrics have a worship vibe to them, there is something about them that makes you feel like this track could be talking about people who unconditionally love you. There is so much power in his performance that you can’t help but feel the bright energy of the track soar into your chest and burst out in joy.

Martin Smith fills you with bright energy and good vibes that lift your spirits and has you soaring on anthemic tones with ‘Fire in Your Eyes’. The melody progressively builds through the first verse to burst with light and energy on the chorus. Smit’s vocals match this movement and pack so many good vibes into your chest.

Find out more about Martin Smith on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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