_ECHOSEVEN – Every-Thing (2021)

Using their single ‘Every-Thing’, _ECHOSEVEN is committing to their new sound which is a mixture of hard rock melodics and haunting vocals. This is all added to hard-hitting drums that bring a push to the introspective message of the lyrics. Touching on personal discoveries, overcoming challenges and overall perseverance, the track is as inspiring as it is engaging.

This new sound comes from Stefanie Roy (vocals), Allon McCall (drums), Justin Larracey (guitar), Marcus LeBlanc (guitar) and Bobby Hope (bass). After releasing three singles independently, they were signed to Curtain Call records. This track marks the second single release with the label and really drives their new sound home.

‘Every-Thing’ gets you bopping and rocking out to their sound from the first pulse of the guitars. There is this amazing rock vibe to the opening melodic line that gains a touch of metal. The intense energy of the music is really epic and crashes through your senses. You can’t help but really get into the music as you start bouncing around to the rhythm. The constant pressure of the music has you running down the soundscape in the best possible way. As the single progresses, there is an electronic edge that nudges its way into the melody which brings a new flavour to the sound. All of this comes together to sweep you up into the guitar riffs that cry out through the soundscape.

As the pulses of pure rock fill the soundscape, the vocals bring a haunting flow to the song. McCall’s vocals are a light touch against the darker power of the music but carry a punch of its own. Through her performance, you are filled with the struggles that haunt all of us only to be filled with a sense of resilience and strength. The hard-hitting power of the vocals and music pumps energy into you. This energy will look for a moment of release which could be when you shout out with the band or when you go crazy rocking out to the sound.

Through the pulsing guitars, haunting vocals and powerful lyrical journey of ‘Every-Thing’, _ECHOSEVEN have you rocking out to their sound. The music crashes into your senses and shoves you into the intensity of the soundscape. McCall’s vocals haunt the higher levels of the track while bringing their own punch.

Find out more about _ECHOSEVEN on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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