Martini Police – Seventeen (2020)

One of the things about becoming older is the changing perspective of youth. On one hand, you’re completely frustrated with their hopeless lack of logic, but on the other hand, you are amazed at Gen-Z’s accomplishments. When I was a teenager I didn’t think anything of a young band, but now I stand flabbergasted by the music produced by youths. This is where Martini Police come in.

Hailing from Lincolnshire, Harvey Foster, Donovan Jackson, Cameron Patrick and Megan Clayton share a dreamy indie-pop sound with their listeners. Looking at their fresh faces, the guys and gal of Martini Police can’t be more than 21; however, despite the unlined visages, Martini Police have a mature depth to their music. The latest track ‘Seventeen’ is about teenage heartbreak as written from the perspective of the drummer. Lyrically, the single portrays the angst and anguish of lost love and dashed hopes. The tragedy is enhanced by soft guitars, a steady drumline and Clayton’s husky vocals.

Combine the power of female-fronted group Heart with Stevie Nicks’ throaty voice, you’ll have an idea of Martini Police. ‘Seventeen’ is their anthem to all the heartbroken teens (and those that still feel like teenagers) making it relatable to a vast audience. Wistfully nostalgic, this single is made for stadium performances but is also perfect for those nights where you sit at home and feel some alcohol-induced self-pity. After listening to ‘Seventeen’ and their previous single ‘Music To Fall In Love To’, I think Martini Police have a bright future ahead of them. I can’t wait to hear what they have next!

You can find out about the Lincolnshire foursome on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

‘Seventeen’ can be heard, along with other tracks, on our SPOTIFY and DEEZER playlists!

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