Lucy Aggett – Told Me (2020)

Lucy Aggett is an alt-folk singer based in North London, but from Exeter. Her music is a showcase of her life telling stories of the difficulties and pleasures of young modern life. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings and the people who are close to her.

Her newest track ‘Told Me’ is a folk-pop number about the desire for a deeper and more meaningful connection with people. It details the want for honesty in a world where small talk is the norm.

‘Told Me’ has a simple opening that leads into Aggett’s smoky vocals. The song has a very simple melody, but that only highlights the lyrics and message. The haunting backing tones throughout the song adds an ethereal quality to the track.

The simplistic melody allows the lyrics to shine through. Aggett is able to easily draw you in with her lyrics and tell a story. The soundbites used at the end of the song add to the tale of struggles being laid out and really drive the message home.

Lucy Aggett’s single ‘Told Me’ is able to easily portray the struggle of finding honesty and connections in a world full of small talk. The track has an ethereal quality to the melody enhanced by the vocals and simple melody. Everything in this song from the music to the lyrics makes you want to close your eyes while listening to soak everything in.

Find out more about Lucy Aggett on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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