Track of the Day: Cormac Russell – Lotus Train

Canadian born, Irish raised artist Cormac Russell is back with his latest single ‘Lotus Train’, released on New Years Day. He released his third album, titled Regicide, in May 2020. His influences include Kurt Vile, Bill Callahan, Whitman and Rimbaud.

The track starts with very gentle guitar riffs and a harmonica tune. The vocals are amazing and the lyrics are great. It’s a love song with very catchy heartfelt lyrics – he has strong feelings about the subject and wants them to know that he feels this way. It has a strong bassline and an awesome drumbeat. The harmonica continues throughout the song and has a very Irish sound to it.

Overall, ’Lotus Train’ is a beautiful song with lovely vocals,  lyrics and soft beat that just makes you feel so relaxed. It’s definitely a great song to chill to. The song is out now and worth checking out.

For more from Cormac Russell check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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