Matka – Decay (2021)

Through their single ‘Decay’, Matka moves through the inevitable cycle of the world from rising to decay and new beginnings. Touching on ancient Greek mythology, the single has the raven as a witness to our relationship with the world and the endless cycle we all move through. While there could be an edge of dystopia to the sound, the warmth of the music and the jazzy beats bring a new feeling to it.

A song packed with enigmatic beauty, it lets us know that the cycle of life is essential if we want to face new beginnings. This look at the world comes from Ulrika Segerberg and Martin Kleinmichel who bumped into each other with a team from a local channel. This led to them playing with the band Kratze in Berlin before striking out on their own to fuse her multilingual lyrics with his electronic sound.

Segerberg’s vocals draw you into ‘Decay’ with some really poetic lyrics. There is a slightly haunting feeling to her vocals as she moves to a whisper. There is a feeling of campfire stories to the vocals that adds an otherworldly power to them. The use of multiple languages brings an extra edge to the track. The vocals are really enigmatic as you are drawn into the mythological tinged story. As the poetic lyrics settle on your skin, you know that there is something much deeper resting in them that you need to take the time to parse. This depth is delightful as it travels into the melody and creeps along your brain.

The music is very delicate and acts as a cushion for the vocals. The light tones gently pluck against the vocals while the shuffling beats swirl like the sands of the desert. You can feel the jazzy vibes of the music that twists between the electronic notes to create a really poignant movement. The music and vocals combine perfectly for a really powerful piece of music that speaks about much more than you first imagine.

Matka brings an enigmatic sound to our ears as they weave around poetic lyrics carrying a powerful message in the touching depths of ‘Decay’. The vocals twirl through you like the dancing fingers of smoke rising from a bonfire. They are cushioned by the music that twists from jazzy shuffles to the dancing of desert sands.

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