Foundry Town Survivors – Mississippi Rising (2021)

There is something awe-inspiring about the fury of nature as unstoppable forces rush through a familiar landscape. Foundry Town Survivors have picked up the harsh realities of this and turned it into their single ‘Mississippi Rising’. Telling the story of the harsh nature of natural disasters, they weave the tale through the eyes of a child.

While this single is a vivid exercise in musical storytelling, it is also of many finely crafted tracks that make up their new EP. At the heart of the band are Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller who are also short story writers. Having grown up in the same neighbourhood, the duo has spent years in the music business with their new EP being the culmination of all the projects they have worked on over the years.

‘Mississippi Rising’ has a real Americana feel to the opening melody as the strummed guitar draws you in. There is a very grounded feeling to the sound that sends you to the roots of rock. The jangling tones that add to the guitar bring a great depth to the single and offer a rise of emotion. There is something about that melodic line that tugs at your heart. While it is a very moving melody, it is more a foundation for the storytelling lyrics and the beautiful vocals. The earthy feeling of the music brings the power of the story to new heights. The echoing steel strings later in the track add to the Southern feeling of the music and tops everything off perfectly.

As the melody lays the foundation for the vocals. The lyrics are vivid in their storytelling power. You can feel the fear of the rising river but this has been tempered with the knowledge of the unstoppable nature of the event. Using the perspective of a child brings a new edge to the emotions of the track making it hit harder. The chorus is amazing as it takes you back to the sounds of the past. The chorus is sure to stick in your brain and you are going to be singing it at random times throughout the day or weeks after listening.

Foundry Town Survivors tempers fear with the knowledge of the unstoppable force of nature while taking you back to the roots of rock with ‘Mississippi Rising’. There is a powerful emotive hit woven into this track as the music and vocals reach into your chest and squeeze. The prowess of the band is just as unstoppable as the rising river and you feel wonderful as you are swept away by their sound.

Find out more about Foundry Town Survivors on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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