Matsch – Five Miles Away (2019)

Matsch is Matt Schipsi’s solo project that started in Italy but moved to London in 2015. His first EP Five Miles Away released in 2019 is a cinematic sound attack mixed with post-punk vibes. His music is a mixture of hypnotic electronic sounds combined with rock.

Drawing from influences such as The Cure, Depeche Mode and Barry De Vorzon, his compositions have a true depth to them. His latest release ‘Five Miles Away’ tells the story of a man who has no possibilities in front of him. The tale revolves around how he cannot imagine how to change his life.

‘Five Miles Away’ builds up with a very post-punk opening that leads perfectly into Matsch’s vocals. His smooth voice is deep and melds with the instruments creating the cinematic tone of the track. The piercing notes of the guitar throughout the track boosts the message of the lyrics while the ending tapers off perfectly.

Listening to the lyrics, you can see the story clearly in your mind. It also highlights the journey we need to take to push through the barriers we place around ourselves. The song keeps you listening from start to finish and has you thinking about its message long after it has ended.

‘Five Miles Away’ is a cinematic masterpiece from Matsch. The mixture of vocals and instruments build the story and drive the metaphor of the song home.

Find out more about Matsch on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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