Deafpony – Some New Bruises To Share (2020)

Coming out of South London, deafpony is an indie-rock band characterised by introspective lyrics. The band is made up of Scott (vocals, rhythm guitar, bass), Mikey (lead guitar, bass) and Steven (drums). They came together as deafpony when they were around 20 when Scott suggested it to Mikey after a particularly bad breakup.

The last two EPs released in 2017 and 2020 looked at dealing with the struggles of suffering through mental health problems. Their latest release ‘Some New Bruises to Share’ is their metaphorical middle finger to all of this. The track instead focuses on the poor coping mechanisms of the band.

‘Some New Bruises To Share’ has a soft opening that makes you listen to the words and sets the imagery of the track. The song does pick up with an intricate mixture of instruments and vocals. While this track is a departure from the bands usual sound, it is no less gripping.

Understanding the background of deafpony’s music helps you connect with the song, but ‘Some New Bruises To Share’ can be enjoyed regardless. It is a short song but makes up for this with the emotive lyrics and easy to listen to tone.

‘Some New Bruises To Share’ is a whirlwind track from deafpony. The lyrics are autobiographical while the rhythms capture you and make you wish the song were longer.

Find out more about deafpony on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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