Matt Deangelis – World I’m Comin’ For You (2022)

We all need some positivity and inspiration in our lives, particularly with the trying times we have been living through. This is what Matt Deangelis is spreading with his EP World I’m Comin’ for You. Featuring legendary musicians Liberty DeVitto and Richie Cannata, the EP brings Deangelis’ unique sound and uplifting flows to the fore.

The result of years of work, the tracks provide a wonderful introduction to those new to his sound, and a hit of his unique genre style to firm fans. Drawing on varying influences, he brings a modern spirit to a slightly retro sound, while crafting the music into optimistic energy. A classically trained pianist, Deangelis works as a full-time musician and is a seasoned session musician.

The title track ‘World I’m Comin’ for You’ opens the EP with a sweeping opening packed with rolling piano lines and soaring guitars. The humming vocals add a rich layer over the sweeping music and gently pushes you into Deangelis’ performance. There is something in his performance that lifts your spirit. He is able to connect with parts of your soul and lighten the load it carries. The upliftment of the single is enhanced by the soaring guitars and the light touch of the horns. As you listen, you are filled with the energy to take on the world without any fear or reservations. The track is extremely inspiring as it fills you with the strength and fortitude to tackle anything the world has to throw at you.

‘So Fine’ has a lighter feeling to the melody that comes through in the piano opening. As the vocals enter, there is a softness to them that settles over your senses and helps you relax. They rest on your skin like warm rays of summer sun easing all the worries of the world from you. Woven into the lyrics is a deep feeling for someone who may not realise the depths of your affection. There is no way that you can listen to this song and not feel the corners of your mouth tug into a small smile. It is interesting how different this track is from the opening one, showcasing the versatility of Deangelis’ sound and musicality. While this track could easily slide into melancholy, it retains the overall optimism of the EP and has you feeling the glittering happiness of knowing there is someone out there for you.

The music takes another turn with ‘Mile Down the Road’ which is a seriously powerful ballad. There is a slightly theatrical feeling to this track as you can easily imagine it as part of a musical. The soft tones of the opening slowly rise on the strings to a spine-tingling vocal movement. Each layer of the music builds on the other to create a plush melody that the vocals are propelled from. While you feel the urge to close your eyes and soak in the vocal performance, the soaring guitars from the opening track make a brief appearance to add extra texture to the smooth flow of the track. The lyrics touch on feeling low, only to build up your strength and turn your attention to a brighter future.

While ‘Angel’ uses a piano-driven opening that brings a touch of the past tracks to the soundscape, there is a stripped-back feeling that is new. The twilight tones are a whisper against your ear and work perfectly with the almost ethereal tone of the vocals. The delicacy of the vocal performance is amazing yet does nothing to derail the power of the performance. In fact, the delicacy of the movement makes the vocals more poignant and has the emotions of the track welling in your chest. There is a touch of melancholy and sadness that grips your heart, but this turns into a subtle power and strength, as the single works through these emotions. There is a layered meaning to the single as the lyrics can be taken in different ways which make the song even better.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Maybe I’ that has a light retro edge through the vocal performance. This is tempered with modern sensibilities that have been woven into the lyrics and melody. As you feel the tug of retro sound and nostalgia, they are softened with the understanding that accepting the past can make the future brighter. The melody does take a turn when the saxophone calls out against the piano line, lifting the entire feeling of the track. There is a delightful sweep of emotion to this instrumental bridge that is picked up by the vocals that turn to the bright light of a new day.

Matt Deangelis brings a theatrical flair to his unique sound that blends retro and modern sensibilities, while offering the optimism we all need in World I’m Comin’ For You. Each track on the EP is powerful in its own way, but they form an emotive movement when put together. Through each track, Deangelis builds your strength and resilience against the struggles life throws at you, while tugging at your emotions.

Find out more about Matt Deangelis on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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