Marquisette – The freedom tree (2022)

With only a few tracks to his name, producer and lyricist Doug Anglor embarks on a solo project as Marquisette. When reading his press release, I was intrigued to see that he sort of “wings it” when creating music having no formal background and learns as he composes. I suppose this is true of many new artists, but he was the first to point out that if we “listen to various music, why not try and write in different styles instead of finding one sound”. It’s the free thinking and openness to new experiences that caught my eye. Featured on various press like iHeart Radio, Edgar Allan Poets and different playlists, Marquisette is building a reputation for engaging melodies. The latest addition to his discography is ‘The freedom tree’.

Following his folk meets country-inspired track ‘The Star of the Show’ (read our review here), ‘The freedom tree’ adopts a softer, smoother and more flowing tone. Driven by an acoustic guitar and haunting vocals, Marquisette highlights how simplicity can be more deafening than the loudest songs. Moreover, the textures and layers of instrumentation and vocals add a sense of wistfulness to the tune. It is as if listening to a faint breeze rustling through the leaves on a warm summer’s day, particularly with the soft guitar movements. The thing is, while the composition is directed and produced by Doug Anglor, it is his Coventry-based contact Jimmy that takes the fore as singer and guitarist.

Easy on the ears, charming and smile-provoking, ‘The freedom tree’ has a heart-warming arrangement; however, the message adds depth with the juxtaposition in this cinematic soundscape. Intimate and intense, ‘The freedom tree’ is “about a relationship because one is moving away. It’s also about friends when someone is leaving town because they’ve outgrown the place and people.” Calming in the warmth and richness of his sound, Marquisette brings chilled vibes with the track; however, there is a melancholia to make it whimsical, haunting and all-encapsulating.

For more from Marquisette check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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