Matthew Barton – A Peaceful Killing (2020)

Taken from the motion picture short ‘I Am Norman’, ‘A Peaceful Killing’ by Matthew Barton is based on a poem written by Darius Shu. Combining poetic lyricism, cascading musical lines and atmospheric vocals, the single walks the line between the brutal and beautiful. Through the fluid and dark drama of the soundscape, you are led to the idea that life can be both beautiful and brutal at the same time.

The single follows Barton’s well-received EP Queen of England and continues the storytelling that is always at the forefront of his music. Using emotive lyrics that converge with choral vocals, the single will have you floating in a hushed atmospheric soundscape.

‘A Peaceful Killing’ draws you in with an epic piano line that sends you soaring into the atmospheric soundscape. This line continues to pull you further into the song as it creates the beauty of the world. There is a subtle undertone of broodiness resting in the lower levels of the piano-driven melody. However, this does not overshadow the haunting beauty of the melody that sinks into your brain and has you floating to the emotions of the track.

The choral vocals add to the atmospheric vibe of the track and perfectly meld with the piano line. As the vocals bolster the vibe, they also draw you into the lyrics which set out a dark drama. While there is a brooding brutality to the lyrics, there is also something hopeful threaded into them. This contrast drives the message of life being brutal and beautiful at the same time home. There is something about this song that you can’t help listening to as you get lost in the soundscape without wanting to ever leave.

Matthew Barton walks the line between the beauty and brutality of life with the atmospheric ‘A Peaceful Killing’. The piano-driven melody has you soaring into the air while the choral vocals add to the haunting beauty of the track. The lyrics paint a dark drama with an undertone of hope.

Find out more about Matthew Barton on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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