Mauvey – Colourblind (2020)

Mauvey has taken his personal struggles with love in a racist world and turned them into a relatable and engaging EP. Colourblind juxtaposes his struggles with an upbeat and anthemic soundscape for a synthwave sonic experience you will not forget. Thrown into the upbeat sounds is a hint of nostalgia and a slice of hope.

Through his music, Mauvey looks to push through only one message and that is love. Drawing on elements of hip-hop, RnB, soul and 80s synths, he moulds them to his needs and creates a tale of struggles, love and light at the end of the tunnel.

The title track ‘Colourblind’ opens the EP and hits you with the 80s synths from the first moment. There is a build-up of the synths that draws you into the single with tantalising light tones. This leads you to Mauvey’s deeper vocals which are a wonderful contrast to the lighter melody. There is an interesting flow to his performance that moves from atmospheric to grounded. There is a lot of power in his performance that pulses through your senses.

‘California’ has a lighter feeling to it with synth notes that dance across your ears. There is a happiness within the melody that you can’t help but feel bolstered by. This boosts the message of the lyrics which have a sense of hope in the face of adversity. There is a hint of sadness within Mauvey’s performance, but there is also an imploring hopefulness. It is an interesting interplay of emotions and sounds that make it a great song to listen to. You are filled with a range of emotions and you are drawn into the song by the vocals.

The EP ends with ‘Minty’ which has a more modern vibe to the opening. The echoes in the background take you out of the 80s nostalgia and thrust you into the modern world. The song is driven by the vocals, but the melody resting in the lower levels is full of swirling emotions. The movement of the music makes the song easy to get lost in. This also helps you take in the lyrics which are worth taking the time to digest.

Mauvey turns personal experiences into a message of struggles, love and hope in Colourblind. The short EP packs a lot into three songs and has you moving to the 80s synths and reflecting on the lyrics. It is an easy EP to listen to at any time as you relax and flow with the rhythm.

Find out more about Mauvey on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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