Max Cuvelier – Better Now (2021)

Splitting up is never an easy decision at the time, but it can often be for the best. This is a story that May Cuvelier tells through his single ‘Better Now’. With a positive vibe, he tells the tale of a couple who realise that despite all the difficulties of breaking up, it is for the best. The upbeat bounce of the track tempers the sad realisation and reminds us of all the good times.

Having grown up with electronic music, Cuvelier draws it into his sound. While relatively new to releasing his own music, his passion for what he does shines through each note and melodic element. Having learnt everything about his music himself, his crips production is a joy to behold.

‘Better Now’ lightly enters your ears with an almost delicate touch. The beat that comes in has you moving to its rhythm without any issues before the piano line hooks into your chest and pulls you forward. The melody gets a dancing vibe as the chorus hits which is wonderfully upbeat and happy. As the song progresses, the dance tones take over and force your body to move with them. The pulsing tones of dance drop for the second verse before building up again. The rise and fall of the melody is engaging and gets you really caught up in its movements.

The female vocals are smooth as they slide through the soundscape over the guitars in the opening. As you approach the chorus, the vocals get their own upbeat bounce that matches the melody. The electronic edge that takes over enhances the dance feeling of the music and makes you think of parties by the beach. While the movement of the vocals bolsters the dancing vibes of the track, they also beautifully tell the story of the lyrics. There is an emotional edge to them that brings a touch of sad realisation with an easy feeling of knowing that you have done the right thing.

Max Cuvelier has you bouncing to his sound while feeling the bittersweet emotions of a breakup that is for the best in ‘Better Now’. The melody has a great movement that you get lost in and want to dance to. The vocals are light and bring their own bright dance pulses while filling you with the emotion of the track.

Find out more about Max Cuvelier on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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