Swivvel – Parlor Trick (2021)

Most of us strive to be better people than we currently are for a number of reasons. If you need a little boost of energy to achieve this, Swivvel is here with what you need in ‘Parlor Trick’. Through the sounds of the single, the band confronts inner demons and evils to rise above and be a better person.

This positive push in the right direction comes from Marky Mark (drums), Jonathan (vocals, guitar), Doodles D (bass) and Nestor (lead guitar). This new band came together to make music as a way to find some peace of mind during the pandemic. As their debut single, this track really gives you a tantalising taste of what they have to offer.

‘Parlor Trick’ has a twinkling vibe that grabs your attention. The guitars pluck against your ears and bounce on the drums in the most pleasant way. The dropping of instrumentation for the drums to shine is wonderful and not something you hear all that often. Everything picks up again for the easy flows of the music. The melody has a warm feeling like a lazy summer day with the sun warming your skin. The warm feeling of the music helps to place you in a position where you can easily sink into the encouragement of the vocals.

Jonathan’s vocals have a slight haziness to them as they drift over the melody. While light and airy, his performance hooks your brain as it passes over you. The lyrics are easy to connect with while highlighting the problems we all seem to face. While confronting these issues, the single also has you feeling like you can overcome them. This is a wonderful boost to your soul that lets you know you are not alone in your struggles and that you can move forward.

Swivvel confronts inner demons and gives you the positive boost you need to continue on the road to being a better person in ‘Parlor Trick’. The melody has a warmth that eases into your sense and lights your spirit. While the vocals carry a haziness to them, they are powerful in their messaging and the positive boost they provide.

Find out more about Swivvel on their Instagram and Spotify.

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