Maya Yenn – Tiptoe (2021)

There are a lot of songs out there that deal with anxiety and touch on how this makes us feel. Maya Yenn has taken a rather different approach to this with ‘Tiptoe’ which is told from the perspective of anxiety itself. With dark and foreboding sounds, the playful single is a wonderfully surreal landscape of self-conscious anguish, fears and bursts of light.

Completely self-produced, the single uses spooky sounds Yenn recorded over Halloween 2020 to create its haunting beat. While dredging up feelings of unease, she connects with an anxiety that many people are acquainted with. As the single constantly keeps you guessing over what will happen next, you are drawn into the musical artistry that Yenn is unleashing on the world.

‘Tiptoe’ has a really engaging melody that pulls you into the single. There is a skittering creepiness to the low levels that makes your shoulders tense up. This is combined with a late-night feeling where you wake up in the night after hearing a noise and strain to hear more. Through the movement of the melody, you are filled with the often surreal feeling that anxiety brings. It is a very effective melody that has your pulse racing like you are feeling anxious while getting pulled ever further under its spell.

As you sit in the dark surreal melody, Yenn’s vocals add an extra hit to the anxiety-laced track. Her voice seems to creep out of the gloom of the melody to tug at your senses. There are moments of whispering that bring a sense of fears and worries coming up on you when you least expect them. Her vocal performance is amazing as she uses her voice to skitter across your brain. There is a lot of tension emotion in the performance that is hauntingly beautiful and captivating.

Maya Yenn has your heart racing and your shoulders tensing with the anxiety strewn sounds of ‘Tiptoe’. With a melody that brings late-night anxiety, the single throws you into spooky darkness. Her vocals enhance the anxiety you feel while casting a spell over you that does not let up even after the song has ended.

Find out more about Maya Yenn on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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